Miri Skin Care Balm

Our Story

Miri is a proud New Zealand owned skincare company with a mission to create a product that everyone will love. Inspired by our own fascination with natural solutions to skincare, especially the powerful healing properties of Manuka honey combined with nourishing almond oil, kiwifruit seed oil and coconut. 

We believe in nature to help improve and protect people’s skin. Miri creates simple, non-chemical skincare alternatives made from natural New Zealand & South Pacific ingredients that help customers around the world to maintain healthy skin. 

Our extensive research on kiwifruit seed oil and Manuka honey has confirmed these products are a powerful and proven remedy for many skin care ailments and thus it’s a key ingredient for our skin balm. 

We’ve also selected the finest ingredients which are good enough to eat!

 We only select the finest ingredients 

 which are good enough to eat!

Our Ingredients 

Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey

Research shows assistance with healing skin, ranging from minor cuts to slight burns.



Full of Omega 3 fats, anti oxidants, Vitimin C, Vitamin E and essential skin elements.

Almond Oil


Generous amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids with Vitamin E and Potassium.



Helps against dry and cracked skin making it a great moisturiser.

Shea Butter


Helps heal dry cracked skin and soothing on the skin moisturisers.

 We are committed to manufacturing 

 our products in New Zealand 

Manufacturing in New Zealand: 

We are committed to manufacturing our products in New Zealand. Only in New Zealand can we be 100% sure about what goes into them, and what therefore goes onto your skin. All our products are made under the strictest supervision and to the highest regulated standards. 

We always prefer to source natural ingredients and components within New Zealand where possible and where this is not possible we seek to find sustainable and responsible sources for our ingredients.

What Miri Skin Care is Not

BHA and BHT 

Coal tar dyes*

DEA-related ingredients 

Dibutyl phthalate 



PEG Compounds 



Sodium laureate sulfate 


* p-phenylenediamine and colours listed as “CI,” followed by a five digit number